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The project is killed

  • Title: TheDeadSong
  • Engine: Cube2
  • Description: The game takes place after a few years, there is - on Jupiter. GG running through the dark corridors of the lab and destroy the monsters and mutants. Multiplayer is available on a few players, but the possible future cooperative.

Updates :

  • Update 1

- Updated map INFO_CENTRE
- Added new textures
- Fixed some bugs

  • Update 2

-A small update to gooey.
-Changed some textures .
-Other fixes cards

  • Update 3

-Adding a new weapon
-Changes in the characteristics and recoil
-Creating a new map of the model

  • Update 4

-Added new map "glass_cube"
-Changes in bots, now they are a little tougher.

-Added a mode coopm (Coperative Mode)
-Removed the output of a gooey ESCAPE, you can now just click through gooey.
-Added Card: Lighting_test, Cooperative Test
-Changed the texture in the main menu: Background
-Added pictures to the cards.
-Now Background on the screen.

  • Update 5

Sight-made ​​50%
-Make a map of Town
-Reworked GUI
-Changed some textures

  • Update 6
  1. The view from the helmet (not finalized until the end)
  2. Background again the same as was used rather on the screen
  3. Removed Data folder instead of it now Configs
  4. All textures are moved to a separate folder (the ones that were in the DATA)
  5. The big change in the GUI and Correction
  6. Now you can choose Shader
  7. Added ENT stairs (not finalized or is not working correctly) - so far removed
  8. Added a few songs
  9. Dissolve Background (5% done) Changed some textures that are part of the GUI (items, too, was changed)
  10. A new map: Tunnels (65% done)
  11. Added a new character (no name yet)
  12. The weapon was a little changed in textures
  13. Removed unnecessary. DLL files
  14. Profiksheny some bugs: crashes, fire, etc. ..
  15. Changed: walking, jumping (will rip up the running)

  • Update 7

A week will test the alpha version, but now that the updates =)
1. Completed yet ladder
2. Added running
3. Posted squat
4. Added GUI Sounds
5. Changed the texture again
6. A small change and went to the most GUI
8. Removed the master server
9. Finalized and removed some bugs and lag

  • Update 8

Mini Update
1. Added a gamemode of Plasm and Knife
2. Removed mode SPCOOP (no revision)
3. Updater is made for the game (95%)

4. Made map 1hp

  • Small news:
  1. Removed the sound of walking (could not fix)
  2. Ladder stopped working for reasons unknown to me.
  3. Mode knife again works
  4. Plasma mode temporarily will not work
  5. Weapons Plasma temporarily removed from the game
  6. Some people will test the game for bugs / lag =)

  • Sorry for the English, I use Google Translator
  • The resumption of the project, as I promised, I'm back and I start to do a variety of fixes, including the "fix ladders"
    So wait for news from the project
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