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A few changes being made into this mod, what has been done so far, and the Mike skin is now on the addons section for bad day la.

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Well, I´m sorry I kind of forgot to put up any kind of updates. Anyway, lots of small things have been happening in this mod. I was finally able to edit the maps a little bit. But its nothing big or special, only the some of the geometry of the game has been changes. Such as in the menu, instead of a car there is an elephant, and on the airport level, some of the baggage has been changed into trash cans. So nothing special yet. Also, the main character of the game has changed. It is now a woman. as it was supposed to be at the beginning. This means that there will be two downloads for this mod. One for Mike, and one for this woman. So the date for this mod will still be november 13

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