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A list of changes/added features since version 0.7.3 of the Genesis Redux Project. - Posted 9/1/2011

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So, since the last post I've been working on the project quite a lot. And while working on the project, here's what I've added/fixed:

- Spikes now work correctly

- Added support for up to 4 players in one server

- The dedicated server is now in working order

- There is now client hosting(You can now host without a dedicated program)

- When taking a hit, you now flash for 3.5 seconds

- The bubbles' speed, and the platforms' speed is now changed to be faster with V-sync enabled

- Speedshoe monitors were added

- The rolling physics have been improved

- You can no longer accelerate to go against gravity while rolling

- Added 100% working text chatting

- Added server messages when a player leaves and joins(Still a work in progress)

- Shields are now visible online

- The electric shield now attracts rings correctly

- Objects now only update online when a player is near it

- Added model swapping option for slower computers(I blame the rings)

- Added homing attack option(This isn't 100% in working order)

- Players now have user defined names above their heads

- Fixed the radii of objects

- Object syncing when reconnecting(So let's say you collect some rings, but then you have to reconnect, this makes it so the rings are not there when you reconnect)

- Configurable render distance, and fog

- Partly broken gravity changing monitors

- Smoother online movement(This will help with slower connections and computers)

- Shields no longer disappear, and then reappear on another player online

- Functions were added for more convenient editing

- Object physics were added as a test(This is only working offline, and will probably not be in the final version)

- Music changing objects have been added(Bug: It only changes music/plays a sound, when music is already playing)

- All sound related code has been redone to work dynamically(Drowning, speedshoes, etc.)

- Added loading related features: When loading a stage, the engine will check if the file "Loading.png" is in the stage's main folder. If there is a file, it will display it behind the loading bar(The file can be any resolution). In the event that there isn't a file, it will display nothing when loading. But, a Sonic 2 styled 'Title card' will appear after loading.

- Player speeds are now definable

- Image fonts were added for efficiency

- Textures have been optimized(resolution, and file size)

- Fixed underwater physics

- Added ring object syncing when following a player(So let's set you have a ring chasing you, then a new player joins, normally they wouldn't be synced, but with this system, it fixes that problem)

- Added badnik(Buzzbomber) movement, looking at players, turning every five seconds, and shooting actions

- Reworked the IP input system(The strings are no longer split apart. And the IP address can be something like: "localhost")

- Added fog, and custom render distances

- Players no longer float above the ground

- Fixed packet loss related problems with crucial information

- The water shield has been fixed, and the electric shield now allows you to both double jump, and jump higher.

- Configuration files have been reorganized

- A player must be 80% underwater to lose a shield

- Players do not lose shields underwater with god-mode on

- Added infinite jump dashing with debug mode enabled

- Added teleporting features, so players can teleport to each other (Has some problems with collision at times)

- Spindashes now have more power

- The dedicated server now requires port 80

- Players can now rejoin their current server by pressing the 9 key

- Although incomplete, functions have been added to free all objects, and the stage

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Nice! ^^ Good Job

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