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New stuff! Lots of work's been done on Rotion, primarily focused on the menus, options, and gameplay. Full summary is below :D

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HD link: (I seem to have messed up the sound in this one, it's either too loud (and clipping) or too quiet and there's a random white noise track in the background.)

-Preview videos on start game buttons
-Config file saving/loading. The file can also be edited outside of Rotion.
-Screenshot function (F12)
-Auto generated mipmaps from .tga textures, which vaslty improves graphics and screenshot quality
-Campaign level selection screen
-Themes for levels (currently only sets the background and colours, will possibly affect shape textures later)
-New shape movement patterns (rotating around points, etc)
-Completely new menu options system (sliders & buttons)
-Keyboard control in menus (works with sliders/buttons too)
-Single, Free Play and Campaign gamemodes (Survival may or may not get added - it's not finished right now)
-All bonuses work and have their own sounds
-More debug stuff, a developer console to enter commands and change optionsI'm working on adding a proper campaign level system so they can be edited in files. I'm also adding popup hints/tips. There are still more bonuses and plenty of levels planned.


Looks Great. Keep up the good work :)

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Looks interesting, good luck with this!

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