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The new project is well on its way, an updated and highly improved web-presence is being worked on, and we've got some vital positions filled, as well as some more vacancies that have recently become available. Read on to find out more!

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Project Updates

It's been a while since you've heard a peep from this end of the line but here we are again. Our latest Source project is well on its way. The story has been fleshed out quite extensively already, a lot of the features are being finalised and work on the in-game content is structured and flowing. Of course, everyone on the development team has been sworn to secrecy - at gunpoint no less - so we can't reveal too much about the details... No, really. The gun's loaded and all. Two of the devs sneezed and it went off :-/

However, let me say this as I prepare to dodge the bullet: It's going to be one hell of a trip. You'll find yourself in the shoes of an unsuspecting individual who has to unravel the mystery behind a number of gruesome deaths. The more he finds out, the deeper the rabbit hole will go and the nightmare that his life has become will have its wicked way with him.

There, I've said enough already. You will just have to wait until we release some eye candy before you can find out more!

New Website

We've started working on a brand new website so as to kick-start the new project with a home for community, updates and a place to show off eye candy and other good stuff. However, as we've been working away on said website, we've encountered a tiny, little snag, which ultimately resulted in us having to rename our studio. So in other words, work on the website has temporarily been put on hold until we've decided on a new name for our team. Any takers for Cheezburga United?

The Stuff...Err Staff of Magic

Last but most definitely not least, we've got our programmer vacancy filled and are better off for it. João, some of you might know him better as Void!, has rejoined our ranks and the first prototype build of the new project is already finished. Now its a matter of adding, taking away, changing, modifying and seeing what works and what doesn't. Next up are the mod defining features, some of which you will hopefully already get to see with our first major project update.

We do also have one further vacancy at this point. Namely that of an additional concept artist. Phil, aka moonbee, has already created some amazing stuff, however, he seems to be having some hardware issues as of late, so we are in need of an additional talent.
If you think you've got what it takes to create very atmospheric and detailed outdoor concepts, as well as biological/organic humanoid character concepts then don't delay and drop us a mail with some info about yourself and a sample or two of your previous work! Go ahead. You know you want to:

That's it from us for now. Expect to see some eye candy next time around!

Sorbitar Author
Sorbitar - - 417 comments

Thank you to all who applied for the role of concept artist. We've had a massive reaction from the community and received far more applications than we had initially anticipated. It has taken us a bit of time to work through all of them, but in the end we did look at each individual applicant in detail.

Those of you who have been short-listed received an email with further instructions for the remaining application process. Unfortunately, not everyone could go through to the next stage and have had to turn a lot of you down. Its always difficult to tell someone they weren't successful, however these things need to be done.

We do, however, wish everyone who didn't make the cut all the best for their future modding and indie careers and hope that we will see them around the community.

Please note that we won't accept any further applications after this point. As soon as we have more vacancies, we will let you know!

Thanks to everyone again!

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