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We have released an updated installer for those who couldn't get the first one to work.

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Good evening,

After our first beta, we decided to take a break. This wasn't so much a choice as dealing with the fact that our coder (Lauri) would be absent for a while, and then it turned out the Installer we had uploaded for you to install our beta didn't work for everybody. (read: most people)

Now Lauri is back, and he's released a new Installer that should work for those who couldn't play the mod before. The original download on Moddb is replaced by the new one, so all it should take is a simple redownload of the file. You'll just have to delete the previous one to avoid future confusion.

Included in the installer is an Updater function, which you can use to download future patches and updates. (Which are forthcoming!) We hope you take the time to download it again if it didn't work the first time.


Matias (Dorian_Gray)

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