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Finally posting an updated roadmap for Crea. Read about when the different versions will land and what they will contain.

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It has been awhile since I posted an update regarding our release schedule. I want to thank everyone for their patience. Here is what we have planned.

Beta Phase 1 (Early Beta)

  • Time Frame: Mid March
  • Duration: 2-4 weeks
  • Availability: Only $50+ Kickstarter Backers
  • Features: Windows/Mac/Linux support, Multiplayer, Leveling, Skills, Combat, Crafting, Generated Worlds, Character Customization, Day/Night Cycle

Beta Phase 2

  • Time Frame: Early April
  • Duration: 2-4 weeks
  • Availability: $25 Kickstarter Backers. Publicly available for $25. (contains game, digital soundtrack, and digital artbook.)
  • Additions: NPCs, Researching, Grafting and additional Biomes, Monsters, Equipment, Items, Skills, etc.

Beta Phase 3

  • Time Frame: Late April
  • Duration: 4-8 weeks
  • Availability: $10+ Kickstarter Backers. Publicly available for $10. (game only)
  • Additions: Official Mod Support, Bosses and more content.


  • Time Frame: June
  • Availability: Can be purchased by anyone for $15.
  • Additions: Quests, Mounts, Second Playable Race and more.

Some things to note

  • Any of this is subject to change but I have waited to post it until I was reasonably certain on the time frames.
  • Updates between releases will be posted on a weekly basis
  • Beta Phase 3 marks the official mod support. At this point I will do my best to provide all details regarding mod changes, provide mod API documentation and additional features such as in-game mod management. Before this it is still very possible to mod Crea.

Kelley, our artist, is doing an art livestream right now (2PM-5PM PST) animating a new monster, the Snow Golem. Watch it here:
Snow Golem

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Hey, any chance for a pre-purchase post kick starter payment plan? Not for the beta's, but just so I can support the game now.

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jmcmorris Author

Hey Siveon, thanks for wanting to support us! We don't have anything official but if you really do want to support us now then you can do so through our paypal account ( :)

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