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I come with good news, and bad news. No, the mod IS NOT cancelled, infact it is very much alive!

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Bad News.

Due to my lack of knowledge surrounding modelling, and coding, i sadly cannot add a new weapon for you. This sucks, but, think about it: Do you want a weapon that would be buggy or look bad? Or weapons that already work, and do the job 1000x better? Ugh, i understand...

This does not mean that i won't look into modelling/coding for "future" Projects however. So, i hope to attain knowledge beyond man.



After i complete those levels, the whole mod will go through a general polish, with the mod slated for release between, and drumrolls please...

06 FEB-06 MAR 2023!

When the time comes, i will make a update, and right after that, upload the file to MODDB.

We are one step away from... glory, i guess? Idk.

Other News

New Youtube Videos here:

New OSPAATION Releases here:

Shoutout to Mondo Wang, a execellent guy!

I hope you understand my frustrations with the weapon, but, better safe than sorry. And in all reality, i want to just get the mod done. But, of course, take my time.



I'm forced to put these images here. Help me...

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