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obvious, aint it? this is just filler text so that i can post the new update

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Hello every person-human-thing-.... whatever you perfer (i'm bad at this :[ )

All i Have done can range from the ability to look around to the power and time system, i will try to "grind" and get through the game play portion of development and get the enemies scripted in, and obviously get the cameras in, if you guys want to attempt it without cameras, when i have the time after the demo comes out, i will release a demo for the no-cameras version, on a separate page or i can add it as a challenge, it's totally up to you guys. By the time i post this, i will check on the page in about 2-3 days to a week at most scince im new to this, this will be my first game i have ever published, so expect it to be a bit crappy, glitchy, crude, etc., so post questions, comments or anything in the comments if you want to, i mean its the comment section and it is your guys' choice, who am i to judge :P. But as i probably have said before, im still a teenager, so i can only do so much without having to become social-phobic :). i will try to get this game's demo out to the public as soon as humanly possible it is for me to do. I will also be starting a Project For a fps game based off of one of my old abandoned comic series, and that will lead off to a fantastic third person game i think you guys will like if you follow the story through. I will open up the page here when i have the time to do so (meaning i need to work on getting screenshots, an icon and teaser trailer, which will probably take up most of my time after this game is released, so dont expect any sequel teasers for this one.) so salutations and i look forward to releasing this game.

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