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Version 1.1 patch to fix texture problem, other errors fixed. New sky textures implemented because the old ones weren't in powers of two. Any requests for some new content...? Submits your mods! More...?

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So with the release of v1.1, most of the texture issues have been resolved (hopefully). A common problem that was experienced - certain textures appeared to be floating. This is due to your graphics card not properly displaying a texture that is not in a power of 2. Anyway, as long as you are playing 1.1, this should no longer occur. A bug in Arena was also fixed involving your ally bots. Skyboxes, something I overlooked, are now in the Mod Creator.

If you didn't know, I am working on a second episode of the game, or an expansion. It will not be another generic war FPS. It will be semi non-linear, and will have a somewhat better story. Speaking of new content, if anyone has any ideas or requests for new weapons or arena maps, don't hesitate to suggest them!

Also, if you make any mods you would like to share, please submit them into the mods category! If you are unable to do that, message me the link to the ZIP that contains your mod, mp3, etc. and I can add it to the archive.

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