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update after 4 months explaining alot of stuff and updates of maps and stuff

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Hello Sniperz227 here, Sorry i haven't updated my page in a while. I've been really busy with school and i play in 2 American Footall leagues so i only have weekends to do homework and work on this game. During the summer i got a lot of map concepts done made them n got some textures on them. Though most are not completed i did complete 1 and i have about 5 that are over 70% done. There are also more maps if you look above i have updated the list.

The Reason i Made this update is to show you that i have not quit on alpha team six and will not. I have been getting better in code n getting more code done also. I am taking a computer science class so it helps me code more stuff and understand coding a bit better. But that is also not why i have made this update. To Keep this game alove and for a quicker release i need help working on this. I currently am taking any position but the one i need the most is A Weapon Texture Artist and an Animator. I know how to map,make map textures,model,code and all that good stuff. But What is really bringing me down is not being able to test my weapons because they need textures. That Also means i cant code them in an coding weapons in is a lot of code. So if you can texture weapons please let me know because that is probably one of the main things that i need right now. The Second Is Animating. It's not as important as Texturing weapons but it is one of the things i cant do and will need help with. So Again if you can texture or animate please PM me. Also other positions are welcome for extra help. again if you want to help PM me

without further distractions here are some screens of my maps that are currently WIP:

heyitsme259 - - 106 comments

Nice work

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PARA1995 - - 129 comments

nice can wait for the first release for psp !!!!! the game sounds good!!

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Sniperz227 Author
Sniperz227 - - 637 comments

first release wont come anytime soon till we get more help

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