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General update on recent progress including: Physics updates Sound updates etc

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It's been a while since either of us have posted anything, so I thought I'd put up something quick.
Lately I've been working pretty hard on reworking the physics (turns out propellors are hard bastards to get right), and I've *almost* got that where i want it. The physics feel hugely improved compared to earlier versions, but there's still some fine tuning to be done.
You may have seen that some of the later screenshots have shadows on them, but that we haven't actually mentioned them in any post - well they're not faked, the engine does now support stencil shadows, and they lool pretty sweet if i do say so myself (there are still a couple of bugs to iron out, but they're working pretty well).
You may have also noticed some screenshots from first person - this is another little thing we've added (i say little, but having to get high quality cockpits is quite a task for Harry, particularly as they are often quite hard to get reference material for)
I'm completely reworking the sound code. Previously I used openAL, but it was falling a bit short, so I'm replacing it with FMOD. This gives a much better sound overall, particularly for the rotary engines, which when throttled actually shut off some of their cylinders, which while a difficult thing to do in openAL, is quite a simple task in FMOD.
I've also added a prototype of an automatic turret - this will be usable as both AA defences, and AI controlled rear gunners on 2 seaters.

Harry has, as ever, been working on building more planes, their cockpits, and has also been making all the new sounds for the updated engine.

Some of you have been asking if this is dead - The only way dicta would die is if both Harry and I were to die, something which (i hope) is fairly unlikely. It may take some time, as we can only work on this in our spare time - something which we both have precious little of - but it WILL be released. On that note I'm not going to make any promises about a public release, but i can say that it IS coming.

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Hernan also forgot to mention that in the physics update, multiplayer was broken, but he fixed it again now. So stuff is preeeeeeetty much working at the moment

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