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Recently i have updated Wanderer of Teandria. New version brings updated sprites, many bugfixes and even new game zone!

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Few days ago i finished and uploaded new 1.1 version of the game to Steam! This update is called 'Ghosts of the Future' and contains many sweet changes for the game. I can easily say that this patch is one the biggest updates after game's release in Early Access!

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Full 1.1 Changelog:

  • Fifth game zone with few additional levels was added
  • Pause after player's death was added (on player's requests)
  • Game Launcher was updated for improved stability
  • Game interface now will properly hide when Zoom is activated (L/LT)
  • Now all of the players should be able to obtain Hero achievement properly
  • Some graphic elements of the game were updated (for example, sprites of the enemies)
  • Game resolution in Zoom Mode (L/LT) was updated
  • Fixed graphic bug, when the sword of the player was mirrored while attacking
  • Fixed graphic bug with non disappearing effects of projectiles of Shadow and Ancient Golem
  • Fixed bug, when bee's sounds were not played after the pause
  • Fixed bug, when music of the third boss was playing faster then it should
  • Fixed bug, when player can select different menu items while pop up window was active
  • Fixed bug with lack of few particle systems when few same objects were on screen
  • Fixed rare game bug with possibility to gain "infinite" life
  • Balance: Amount of points, which player will gain after Ancien Golem defeat, was reduced from 1500 to 1000
  • Balance: Player's magic attack radius was increased from 150 to 170
  • Balance: Ancient Golem's health was increased from 1000 to 1200
  • Balance: amount of lives was increased by 1 (crystals now give additional lives)
  • Unnecessary files were removed
  • Russian localization of the game was updated
  • Minor changes

Also Wanderer of Teandria is 75% off until the end of the week! Have fun, Silentplaygames.

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