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This article includes the update news for version 0.001a and 0.001b. The game has changed a lot since the first article and I will explain why below.

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Version 0.001a + version 0.001b:

This game has gone through a lot of changes already...
If you look my old article, you will see that the game was being developed in Unity. Unity is great, however I decided to change the game genre to survival so I made numerous new player concepts. There was only one problem: my game needed to be pixel-perfect... Pixel-perfect means that every pixel has the same size. I tried doing this in Unity, but there were a lot of resolution and GUI problems so I've changed to Monogame instead...

- The keys 1 and 2 are used to change the player sprite
- The key F11 toggles the collision box for the player (visual)
- I rewrote my spritemanager
- Added walking (left/right)
- Added running (with shift)
- Added jumping
- Added gravity
- Added idle animation (just standing)
- Added collision with one block (collision with all blocks coming soon)
- Added visual collision boxes
- Fixed some minor bugs

- Player running animation

12036224 1669117803318968 705862

- Item concepts:
-> Pickaxe

item1item 2item 3item 4item 5item 7

-> Sword

item 6item 8

- Armor


- dirt tile concept

dirt 1

dirt 2

- tree, stone and bush concept

tree 1

tree lilstone

- old player models (not using them anymore)

player old2player old

New developer joined. He isn't fully working on the game yet.
- Slower updates for a while because we're busy with exams.

I hope you like this update!
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