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***Your previous custom stages will no longer load correctly due to format changes.

  • -"Plant" control now does nothing except prevent you from crouching or aiming vertically, allowing you to aim diagonally while still. Renamed it to "AIM" as a result.
  • -Fixed an oversight that caused your configuration for "plant" (now "aim" control) to not save. Whoops.
  • -Included "Shift" and "Ctrl" labels for when you set those buttons during configuration.
  • -The "help" button now includes that the middle mouse button can be used to edit objects.
  • -Relay dishes on the overworld will have a different sprite after being destroyed.
  • -Fixed a certain way-too-hard jump in the Puzzle Box level.
  • -Made some optimizations to point-collision checks.
  • -Slightly increased delay before a stage ends right after completing a goal.
  • -Fixed a bug that could possibly id the wrong entity as an Actor's killer upon taking damage. This could have, for example, caused Zuka to be knocked back in the wrong direction when being attacked by multiple enemies. Or it could have given credit to a stage hazard for your kills.
  • -Improved damage events so that non-lethal damage and lethal damage trigger seperate scripts that are unique to the Actor that called them.
  • -Created a new Actor type, a BreakableObj. The relay dishes now fall under this. They respawn like enemies and can be destroyed. They use physics and can also be solid to other Actors, but not to projectiles (so that bullets can cause them damage).
  • -Goal_Relay and the Relay_Dish spawner must now be placed seperately. For stages where the relay has already been destroyed, the Goal_Finish will be placed at the same spot as the Relay_Dish spawner.
  • -Checkpoints will save the facing Zuka had when she passed them.
  • -You can now set the initial facing of the Playerspawn.
  • -The FPS counter is BACK!
  • -Zuka's weapons now fly out of her hands like they were SUPPOSED TO THIS WHOLE TIME!
  • -Crush damage is now implemented. Necessary because of the solid moving objects.
  • -Fixed a bug that caused the radial menu to double-register input.
  • -Controls can now be configured in the pause menu.
  • -Overall stability of the radial menus, most notably the control menu, has been improved.
  • -Rockets deplete ammo 250% faster.
  • -Prevented some explosion sound effects from compounding.
  • -You can now also use the fire buttons to perform a walljump, like it was in earlier versions.
  • -Improved audio and visual effects for rockets.
  • -Three new stages that use the new stackable crates!
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