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Guys, I'm going to make an actual game! Read on for more :D

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Yes, right.
This mod itself is actually pretty much done.
The problem is that right now, most of the units have blood textures, MOST.
Some will still not leave any scratches.
However, I'll try and update this one more time in the future.
Dirt in explosions, wetness in water, rotting and decay after some time, grittier wounding textures and overall brutal x2.
However, I'm going to focus on my own game now.
It'll be an endless zombie apocalypse parkouring game.
I'll try my best to not can this.
Also, for that, I wanted to thank you all so, SO MUCH for all your support and confidence boosting.
Part of fueling me to make the game is seeing how my (fairly beginner/intermediate) pictures got about 600-1000 views and that I've got so many comments and trackers.
You guys are just.. AWESOME!
Again, thank you sooo much for all the support to my mod, I will make sure to release this before mid-2014 just for you, yes, YOU! :D
Also, I'm on a time pressure, so mind the rather short news here and so on.

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Also, my best Buddy, Jenson Tebbs (British Chap) is the reason I'm working on this. The game was his idea, and I'm going to make it reality :D!

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