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I tell you about current progress on the mod, I show you 3 pictures and I am looking for guest musicians!

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Dear Readers!

Sorry about the quietness in recent days/months. I actually
wrote a whole update about a month ago, but it did not publish. And I was
working on the mod, so that took away time from publishing new content.


I am working full time on the mod, as you may already know.
And progress is going very good. Especially for one man mod. The mod currently
has 17 maps, in different stages of development. But many of those are
detailed. Still loads of work to do. The mod will consist of 4 chapters. A
playtime estimate is still unavailable, as I have maps and ideas to try out
before I get a whole playable mod. The chapter's length is not very consistent.
One has 2 maps, while other another chapter extends for 9 maps. Still, the mod
is to be enjoyed and to have fun, so I would rather deliver something that is
concise, yet very enjoyable. Rather than 40 maps that reuse puzzle ideas and become
very bland.


I added 3 pictures from development. (Look at the images seciton!) A particle screenshot of
a WIP particle effect for a part of the mod which I much rather not disclose
any information. As I do not want you to be spoiled. A picture of one of the
later maps. I thought of showing you that because I recently did that, and because
there wasn't much information on the later levels. And finally a picture of a
WIP puzzle. You can see it all in dev textures, but worry not. That is just to
work out mechanics and issues before polishing the map!

Song and Music!

Music is a really important part of my mod. The few songs I
have made are good, but I don't want to reuse many of those. And I would much
rather work on the maps than to spend evenings writing music. So I will need
your help out! I am looking for artists who would like to write one song for
the mod. All the people who get their song publish; will be credited for their
song and as guest artists. You, as the author, will keep all rights to the song
and only give me permission for use on this mod and this mod only. I do have a
couple technical requirements on the songs.

· The song must be from 45 to 90 seconds.

· It must sound okay when looped (I will do the
looping with GoldWave)

You must be the original author

The song cannot be used on other works (Ie, you
wrote it for someone else.)

· You give me permission to use the song on the

· The song will be a background track. So no
singing or any distracting sounds.

· There will be NO monetary compensations. You will
be credited as a guest artist. (Edited on July 17, big sorry for the mistake!)

That is about it. I do not care what you used to create the
audio file, as long as it is a .wav file in 41000Hz frequency, as that is what
the source engine needs to play a looped audio file. Here are some dropbox
examples of the songs I have made. (
) If you have any questions contact me. I cannot guarantee that your song will
be chosen.

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