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I've been in the dark for about half a month but I have made some progress.

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I've gotten a few things done but there seems to be hundreds more to be done. The game unfortunately is still not fully functional. The player can use the menu systems to get to initially playing the game and be able to get molecules appearing on screen, but I haven't added anything that ends the game. In other words players would not be able to finish because there's no scripting for it. I'm still working on that and scripting the "Post Game" screen which will show the statistics of the game/round that have been played. It will mainly show the total score gained during the game, how many molecules absorbed and were present, and what molecule killed the player, but it will vary in what game mode it was.

I still need to explain much more about the things in Molecule. The reason for the game being called Molecule has a very vague reason. I tried to explain it before but I wasn't too sure then. Simply Molecule was another word for a small speck/dot (not in technical terms). If readers have read my first update will know the original game of Molecule was called Dot Dodger. I don't know if Mol sounds better than DD, but I renamed the game because I wanted to add a theme to the game: ‘Molecules'. If you do science you'll understand the idea of randomness and chaos somehow applying to molecules/atoms/radioactive particles. So what players will mostly experience will be the randomness and chaotic behaviour of molecules.

Molecule, in another point, is also about object A avoid/collect object B and survive as long as possible to gain the most points as possible. To make it simple this game is just another addictive arcade game with a limited fuel tank. However, I do try to keep the "fuel tank" as large as possible by giving a variety of game-plays and replay-ability.

There are only 2 game modes available currently with both of them having two difficulties. However I've made a decision to change the game modes and add 2 more.--There is the "Molar" formerly known as "Blender". It will consist of all 5 molecules in the game with random events that occur whilst playing. This is what this game, Molecules, is meant to be like.

--Another will be the "Others" will be modes only unlockable when a certain amount of points have been reached. These are the bonus modes and there are 3 of them.

-Classic. What Molecule was when it was still called Dot Dodger.
-Decay. All molecules have random decay and break down into little more dangerous particles.
-Seeker. Collect the special molecules that can shape-shift into other molecules.

I don't want to be too ambitious and try to get all the modes done for the beta but for the beta I'll get at least Molar done.


I'm afraid that I can't get a video up and running, which I was hoping to do so people could get what the game is like. Fraps is no good with a windowed game (maybe I'll implement a full screen mode) and other recording software I found seem to glitch a lot. So sadly you'll have to wait for the beta to come out.


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