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this is just a quick writing, please read if you are interested in this mod, ill do change logs n stuff. enjoy!

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So, hi there, this is the MODDB page, hope you like it. I added ambulance skins one is buggy and Im looking into it, I added and skinned the tiller from Northview South County, having huge problems, mod isnt working at all, no problem, easy fix, just need to replace a file. The Tiller wont spawn with its trailer and the script is messed up, I cant give a date yet. see ya!

Instead of just making another article ill just edit this.

As of 8/2/2017

I have completed all Fire Department skins, most EMS skins, and all county services.

I have edited the fire hydrant script (made by bama) to make the opening process take 50 seconds, which makes it more realistic and makes opening hydrants and placement more vital.

Volunteer helmets now say "Felton Fire Department" and helmets now say "43"

New EOD skin

New Crown Vic state police skin

New Fire Station skin

New minor edit to police station to have state trooper symbol instead of Chester county

Added tiller has been halted due to errors and game breaking bug.

All street signs have been edited to random real places in Pennsylvania

That is all off the top of my head, any ideas? Don't feel scared to ask!

As of 8/3/2017

Development was slow today as I spent most of the day testing the game.

I tried implementing search house script by Hoppah from BOFB, ran into an unexpected bug where it crashes upon entering any building, trying to fix now!

I'm gonna have to leave out the search house script for now, sorry!


haha it was really dumb, the enter object that triggers the search was too far away from the building.

As of 8/4/17

Had to do things today so not a lot of work happened but

When a mayday occurs it will play a 20 second audio clip of a mayday call

Volunteers now get dressed in 30 seconds

Building fires reach max temp in 200 seconds, meaning by the time the volunteer arrive on scene the fire will be well involved

But, fires will be harder to extinguish and will take longer

Fire connect places on Engine 43 have been switched to more realistic places as in

1 on the water controls

1 on the back with the 30 feet hoses

1 on the front bumper

1 on the preconnect hoses

As of 8/7/17

New station! Station 2! It will be staffed 24/7 with 3 firefighters.

As of 8/8/17

I've been working many hours to try to get this station working, I've fixed a few bugs and I am now trying to add to the LAToFireStation script to make it so the truck can go back to his station.M

Engine 54 now recognizes that Station 2 is its station, now all I need to do is find the code that is stopping it from returning to station.

As of 8/9/17

I plan on changing most if not all icons in game! And I am working on it now.

As of 8/10/17

all police skins are edited, !!!THESE ARE PLACEHOLDERS!!! I plan on completly changing all police skins later on

As of 8/12/17

An early access build will be released, please read the read me.

Report any bugs, unusual crashes, etc. in the comments

Hope you enjoy!

As of 8/14/17

I am starting to add more fire engines, right now the new engine isssss

Mack 1 from Mayberry V1.5

As of 8/28/17

renamed sub mod, for now

As of 8/29/17


As of 9/25/17

Mod temporarily removed until I get permissions sorted out

As of 10/9/17

Mod terminated, any further development will now be private, please do not ask for the download. I am starting a new almost completely original mod, stay around, maybe catch that. If you have the mod now you can keep it, or make changes, be careful, mess up and you wont get another download.

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