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First in this update: a little about each character, then some news.

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The definition of bookish and meek. Ichabod finds himself at the bed and breakfast - the Heilbronner Hof - late one Christmas Eve. Along with his awkward mannerisms, Ichabod is very secretive of something in particular.

- CIRO -
Sarcastic and brash with a dark sense of human. Ciro's works as one of the many grim reapers of the Underworld. A fan of all-things hedonistic, he's rarely seen without cigarettes or alcohol.

Young and curious. A runaway, Triste finds herself at the Hof soon after Ichabod arrives. A loner who takes companionship in her dog/best friend, 'Hey You'.

Bitter to his core and painfully distrustful. Boston arrives at the Hof on Christmas Eve as his first day of working there as the receptionist.

So there you go. Some bios to get to know the guys better pre-demo. Speaking of the demo it'll be released just a few hours after posting this, so look forward to that!

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