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Naw man, he's close... Real close... So close, you can here the proximity detector...

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Let me start off by extending my congratulations to Revan_Malak for receiving the first ever Veteran Fan Artist badge over at LFN (I know, that probably has no meaning to any of you, but still...). That said, you can expect the revised revised Jabiim trailer sometime late this week, or early next week. Hockey says its lookin' great. I got to see a sneak-peak a little while ago, so I'll give you a short run-down.

Changes... changed:

  • The turret that was firing away in the origional trailer is gone, so you'll actually be able to hear the audio dialogue.
  • The troopers now all have separate death animations
  • A short Adviser briefing has been added
  • Jai speaks
  • The pilot is comprehensible
  • And a couple other which I won't spoil for you.

Updated Battledroid:

Hockey sent me this preview of the new battledroid today, he says he's not finished with it yet (the arms/legs still need work). We're currently going to showcase this little fella on Geonosis, and possibly other levels that call for a pristine-looking B1. Never fear, you will get to see Security, Pilot, and Commander skins of this guy, as well as beat-up versions of each.

Expendables Are Us

Welcome to the Team!

Since our previous update we've had a couple of new additions to the team. I'd like to personally extend my welcome to Michonicle and RC-355, the former is a Skinner/Mapper, the latter a sort of strange, shadowy PR type member who I have yet to speak to... Remember, we're still taking walk-in but you MUST have, or create, an account at LucasForums. The application forum can be found here, courtesy of Mird'ika. Right now we're desperate for anyone with Mapping Experience in UnrealEd, so if you've got the skills and the know-how, head on over. My door's always open, unless its closed, but metaphorically its open.

That's about it for today's update. (Kudos to Balkoth for writing one over the weekend. I've been extremely busy and didn't have the time to write one till now). See 'ya soon!

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