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My computer has a virus. No really, it actually does. I'm disinfecting it right now, and writing this on a spare. Its a pain. >_>

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Status Report

Let me start off by saying this was originally a response to a comment, but I ran out of space, so I turned it into an update, so if it sounds oddly rambling, know that it's just me being super-short on time. Oh yeah, and my computer got a virus, and I have an eight page essay to write in the next two hours, and finals week is this and next week, and I'm generally stressed out, incredibly tired, and, well, you understand (only by the time your read this, I'll have finished the 8 page essay, studied for a final, and reduced my stress levels by 30%). Now, enough of this and on to the update.

ETA For the Full Version

In response to queries about the status of the full version of the mod:We're working on a full version right now. Sadly, such things take a large amount of time to complete.

The bad news:
The full version won't be ready for a long time.

The good news:
We're releasing packets of maps in 'Beta' form (You can expect to see ARC Trooper Mod Map Pack 1 soon-ish. Soon-ish being some time this year. Hopefully. Maybe. If all goes well. 'See we have a small problem with deadlines, because we're constantly moving them back in order to add in some crazy new features, or to do some new touch-ups, or to add in a new HD skin [Like a 3.0 Beta that was 3 months late]). Think of it like a TV Show. The full DVD box set takes years to complete, but each episode takes much less time, and can be viewed right away.

Scripts 'R Us

We're working on our first scripted campaign level. Scripted meaning this: We've finalized a written script for it. Dialogue, events, setting and all. Six is working on it right now, and we'll be recording dialogue soon. (Fun Fact: The MPs make an appearance in it)

We finally have a full crew. With recent additions to the team, we finally have...

A full complement of skinners
A not-as-full-as-we'd-like-but-three-is-better-than-nothing complement of mappers
A not-as-full-as-we'd-like-but-two-is-better-than-nothing complement of animators and modelers (This is a biggie, we've been trying to recruit some of these guys from Day 1)
Two, count 'em, two, music guys.
A script writer (me).
A cannon expert (also me).
A master of the canonical and fan fiction base of the story of the mod (Original founder and idea proposer Commander Dimal)

And this doesn't mean we've stopped looking for people. If you can draw, we're looking for a conceptual artist. There are other positions open, too, but the big one right now is conceptual artist. If you're interested just drop something in the comments.

Estimated Time to Arrival

ETA for the end product of the mod: A long time
ETA for new maps, new skins, new animations, new beta content, and all sorts of other goodies that we'll be releasing in an as-they-are-finished process that started with the 2.1 beta and will end with the final release of the mod:Soon, not as soon as we'd like, put soon.

Again, I apologize for the brevity of this update (no pictures :( ), I'll try to write something more substantial once summer starts.

Looking forward to the Map Pack 1 release; it'll be something indeed.


If you have a cool idea you'd like to see in the mod, or some artwork, or just want to put your two cents in, don't hesitate to speak up. ;)

Ricochet- - - 451 comments

Hope your computer gets fixed.

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Ulmont Author
Ulmont - - 216 comments

Thanks. I've removed most of the more annoying features of the virus now. Just gotta fix some of the DLLs, and then I'm back in action.

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56er - - 1,253 comments

SP Campaign work is good, this game needs fresh missions!

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TheUnabridgedGamer - - 1,671 comments

I applaud someone finally modding this game in a unique fashion. It deserves more life than Lucas Arts gave it (of course when was the last time they made a good decision? *hears crickets*)

Also - Will this mod be compatible with Best of PC versions of RC?

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Ulmont Author
Ulmont - - 216 comments

Of course. (Its the version I'm running, actually). ;) I don't know if it'll run from the launcher though, since I just use the .exe in the system folder. ;)

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