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Old things new again: Clone Troopers a specialty.

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Update - March 5th

Let me start off by saying that we deeply regret that the Beta is still unreleased, and that we plan to drop her into your hands as soon as we possibly can.

What's old is new again

What happens when 98% of your team is comprised of madmen who have copies of image-editing software? They compile stuff out of thin air and make already stunning stuff into absolutely mind-boggling stuff. Courtesy of Prudii, Ulmont, Jaicer, Hockey, Gamma, Mando Merc, and Balkoth; we bring you the new HD Clone Trooper:

The new texture sits in at a whopping 1024 x 1024 px (double that of the original 512 x 512 px texture), and looks nearly identical to those troopers seen en mass in Episode II. But that's not all folks; since we're updating the cannon fodder, we might as well update the squad.


Jai (Player Character)

Rasor and Ven are still being converted to their new HD form (I believe that Balkoth just finished a new skin for Ven with a rather brilliant rendition of the Mythosaur skull emblazoned on it), but rest assured, they'll be here. Though converting our extensive library of skins to a new HD form will bump-back the release date for the Beta, it'll be worth it. Work is already underway, so rest assured that you won't have to wait too much longer.

In the meantime feast your eyes on these:

Assassins R' Us

A possible Razor candidate by Prudii.

Bugs for the Squashing

Our Bug tracker is still up, just a few more to smash.

  • Clone Troopers are still using the Storm Trooper bump-map
  • The Barrel on the Sniper-Rifle doesn't quite fit on the body. (There's a small gap)
  • Razor is still using the old Westar
  • The fire that appears when the V-6 gets shot down doesn't dissipate, it stays floating in the air
  • Several invisible-walls are on the roof
  • Super Battle Droids fighting below can be heard doing their melee-attack from everywhere on the map
  • Clones who are supposed to rope-in stay on top of the building
  • Computer-guy (in the glass room) isn't using the computer animation
  • If you fire your weapons up against a wall or NPC, they'll kill you
  • You do almost no melee damage when you have the Westar equipped
  • If you stay outside of the room where you blow the glass, you can kill the commandos inside without them fighting back.
  • The intro gunship doesn't completely leave the map when if flies away, it freezes just over the hill
  • The exit gunship's turrets are visible from the roof, even though the rest of it is not
  • The crates fail to move when the wall is blown in, though they do move when meleed.

Improvements and Other Stuff

While these aren't bugs, we are going to try to finish these before releasing the Beta.

  • Adding a new, interactive HUD
  • Fine-tuning weapons
  • Making Maps more detailed
  • Finishing HD Trooper Skins
  • Update Pauldrons and Kamas for the squad

Green means fixed, red means not fixed, orange means fixing in progress. Once everything lights up green, the Beta will deploy.


a few pictures are missing

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I agree with cronose
EDIT: Weird, when I replied, the other pictures appeared. Oh wells, by the way, the pictures are good

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Woah! They look awsome!!!! You should add some misc squadrons of clones that you encounter throughout the game with customized armor.

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wait so my Flare skin pattern was made official? Yay! And now that I re-look at it...Rust red does indeed look better than orange.

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