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An update for Cuh of Duty is going to be released soon!

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Hello everyone! Welcome to Cuh of Duty. So far, the mod has gone through some pretty minor changes, by just fixing small issues and adding some good things here and there. But soon, there will be a very nice update for Cuh of Duty, which will be version 1.4. I know how boring it is to play with 2 or 3 friends or just play by yourself, so in 1.4, there is expected to be full Bot support by PeZBots so you can play with Bots and have fun regardless of how many real people you have with CoD4 and Cuh of Duty. Also, DLC is on the way! The next DLC is expected to be released a little after the 1.4 update, and will feature 2 brand new maps! There may also be a new gamemode or two in there as well!
But since 1.4 will take a while, in the meantime, i am releasing the 1.3 update this Friday (5/17/13). 1.3 will include revised menus and fixed sound issues.

In a Nutshell:
Update 1.3: (Released on Friday, May 17th, 2013)

  • Fixed issues with low announcer sound volume
  • Added custom names for Perks and Weapons
  • Revised killstreak voices and text
  • Added Team Names as placeholders

Update 1.4: (Release TBD)

  • Adding Full Bot Support to all Cuh of Duty Maps
  • Preparing Filesystem for DLC Maps and Gamemodes
  • Adding Full Team Names
  • Adding complete ranking names with levels

Hope you all enjoy the mod and future DLC! Have a nice day!

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