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So, I will tell you a bit more about what I've been doing lately. Since not much have been seen here since about the beginning of may.

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Hello Guys!

I haven't forgotten about you. Don't worry.
The Path Through Okaru is still in progress, I haven't given up. I just have other priorities at this very month.

The deal is that I currently attend a summer course at the university. It's a course about 3-D modelling and animation in open source. I use blender and create models and animations.
Since this is about my very future I prior it higher then the game at the moment. and hopefully, even though I have no use of 3-D models in a 2-D RPG game I feel that I will be able to take something positive of this course to the game. I still do some work, I still think about thins to do and write it down, but I don't put several hours a day at it. the course is to about the 15th of July so I will have July and August to put my time into TPTO.

I currently do the graphics of the map itself for the first town, which will be the, sort of, "capital" of the area that's the dessert, also knows as The Khalaeidi. Yes the name is very random, pronounced "Ka-Ley-di".

I currently look into the plan of making it a several ending game, which means that depending on choices and items you pick up, your ending might be a bit different then others, if they haven't chosen the same path as well. It will probably end up as a 2-5 hour-game. but I hope I can make it more, it all depends on how much time I have from my surroundings, being without a work and money.

I will soon put up a more correct demo, removing the current one in process with this news feed, a bit longer as well to give you a more insight of the story.
I also look into the possibility to make videos of me telling stuff like this. but my laptop cam sucks so I have to find a better camera first.

As you might know I plan on creating the music myself. I do have a piano/synthesizer, which allows me to use several kind of instruments, unfortunately it will be in a MIDI format, but as you might have heard from my first and only song so far "Harmony" it isn't all that shabby in the end. I plan to have my brother, which is both a drummer and violinist, to help me with correct beats and feeling of the songs.

That was all for know. Please feel free to track this game, like my Facebook page:
(don't be afraid of the Swedish parts in it, only been because so far only swedes have liked it)

I hope you find this information interesting.

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