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News about the pack and the V2. Some changes have been made.

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Hello folks !

Thank you very much for downloading my pack ! I'm really happy and it makes me want to improve it even more ! So in this article, i'm going to give you some informations about the V2 of the pack. Yes, the V2 is ready. The V1 was really good, but now it will be much better ! There is already an improvement of the mods, instead of having only 4, in which a mod did not work, now you have.. 22 mods ! However, i wanted to share with you a mod that i find, over time, has been a bit of a problem for me.

As we all know, the textures of Half-Life 1 have aged quite a bit (like hl2 by the way lol). So i thought "Hey, why not get the mod that upsccales the textures !" But.. on closer inspection, there are some problems:

-Weight. This mod is about 4GB for the 16x version. So it increased the siez of the pack considerably, unnecessarilly.

-Textures bugs. Do you see the barrier textures ? Unfortunately, the AI fills the holes with black, which make it look ugly.

-New external textures impossible to put. While working on V2, I had several thoughts about whether I should remove this mod. So I said to myself "Go try with new textures if it works"... but no. The mod "eats" the new textures which is pretty bad.
That's why I removed it, to replace it with another mod that changes the textures but is handmade!

There is:

Comparaison 1

After that I don't have much more to say, I'll keep the new mods as a surprise!

So here it is, I just wanted to keep you informed.
Have a nice day, or evening!

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