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Video review of Improvements and fixes 9.47-9.49 Updates and more details.

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Update 9.47-9.49. Сhanges after release

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Improvements and fixes 0.9.49

  • Corrupted Lands are now opened to all adventurers on all servers.
  • A completely new system for synchronizing the game client and server is implemented. As a result the problem of ghosts and doubles of not existing monsters and animals was solved. The system will be further developed and optimized for synchronization of processes.
  • Bears and other animals and monsters with melee attack have learned to overcome small water obstacles.
  • The chance to get the skin from a bear of level 50 and above set to 100% in case of success triggering of the skinning skill.
  • Bear ranged defense increased.
  • Steel arrows now have penetration versus armor in PvE combats.
  • Added notice of missing items put up for sale at the time of moving.
  • Added the ability to expose goods to the store using Shift + Click.
  • Christmas missions as well as spawn of Christmas creatures are disabled.
  • Added descriptions of stat decrease scrolls.
  • A number of settings for the Avanium server have been changed including the reduction of the strength of all animals and monsters, the amount of iron ore spawn and the mines have been removed.
  • Fixed a number of wrong descriptions in the game.
  • Fixed a bug where the hammer could be repaired without using another hammer as a result of which it was completely destroyed at the time of repair.
  • Fixed a number of bugs with the ability to shoot through obstacles.
  • Fixed bug of positioning of open house doors.
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