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Updates that were posted on our Tumblr page. Our current progress and plans for our first game.

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Hello all, it’s time for another quick update.


Right now, we currently have 13 backgrounds total. Lordless and furude​ have been hard at work making our backgrounds for the game and Justin V. has been sketching away so they will have concepts to work from.

Today we will showcase furude’s boardwalk backgrounds, starting with the daytime version…

… and then the nighttime version.

After some careful consideration, we are reworking some of our sprites so that they better reflect the character’s personality. We have two concept artists working to sketch out references for our spite artist to use and implement into each character. Along with these new changes to our sprites, our sprite artist is experimenting with a new coloring style, so our sprites might have more than one update to their look here soon.


Justin and Noelle (chibisubaru​) have finalized up to Gwyn’s first two endings for his main story. Justin is still editing Gwyn’s third ending and once that is completed and then finalized, Gwyn’s main story will be complete. After that, Justin will either start editing Gwyn’s epilogue or finalize Emil’s main route.

Noelle is currently writing the rough draft for Gwyn’s sequel. She’s currently in chapter 3.

Due to schoolwork and pitching in to help out other departments, the game’s writers have not made much progress over the last few weeks. Fret not though, for editing and writing are back on the agenda for this week!

Game Production Timeline

We currently have a timeline for our production, but this could change at any time due to any technical difficulties and life events with any of the team members. Our demo should be out around March and then our Kickstarter will follow shortly after. Our production schedule, unless changed at some point, looks like this:

  • End of October, 2015: Prototype Version
  • End of January, 2016: Playable Version
  • End of March, 2016: Alpha Version
  • End of May, 2016: Beta Version
  • End of August, 2016: Version 1.0

New Team Member

We would like to welcome our newest team member, Sandy! Sandy and kooriesque​ will be helping sketch pose concepts for our characters to help cin-drome​ (formerly known as papersweetsatelier) when she makes the various sprite changes. With a new team member, we expect to have new sprite developments even faster than before!


Because of the demands of school work and the development of the game, we’re cutting down the number of asks on Mondays and Fridays. Where we usually post up to three responses on those days, we will now only be posting one. Don’t worry though, if boredom hits or there is time for it, we will definitely post a few more. Development questions will also be answered shortly after they’re received like usual.


As of the time of this post, we have hit 100 followers on our Tumblr! To give back to all of you wonderful fans, we are planning a button giveaway. After cin-drome finishes the button designs and we get the buttons made, we will give them away to a group of lucky winners as a thank you for all you’ve done for us. So stay on the look out in the coming weeks for a super special giveaway announcement!

And that about wraps it up for this week’s update.

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