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Hey! I finished all the levels, but I got some new problems...

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Yep, I just finished all the levels, and well, I could not finish the game as I wanted because last 2 levels are in space, so there is no gravity, but if you put UDK bots in gravity they literally don't make nothing, so I put the character directly on the end, just to finish the story, I made what I could...
Also I started testing the export to EXE of the game, and I'm having some problems, so I'll probably uninstall this UDK, and install a clean version, so it will take me some time to put everything toghether again.
Still, the game/mod is gonna be PROBABLY released on Feb 2018, I hope I don't have more porblems.

The next update will include a gameplay of the entire game, obviusly work in progress, and then I will probably not make more updates until I got evertything on its point.

Also I'm writing a lot of holograms with text on it, to explain what is going on about the story.

Soo yeah, that's all for now.

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