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Just a little progress report showing what I have done in the past week.

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Hey everyone, I've come back to give you Update 4. Sorry I havn't updated in a while, it was because I was on vacation this week and didn't get much done. None the less I will show you where I stand as of right now.

Update 4 Images

I added a font that is much more legible than the plain text I had previously. It seems to make the game look a little less unprofessional :P

Update 4 Images

Here is the menu I have made, which I have yet to show you weirdly enough. There's nothing special here, just some text and a background. The background doesn't show well here, it is supposed to be a white fadded grid with a black background (this is also in the character/map selection screen). I will be making a better one when it's time for Beta, this is just a temporary one.

Update 4 Images

Next I have made another menu that comes up at the begining of your turn, which lets you choose wether you wish to Attack, Move or pass your turn. I had this menu take a screen shot to desplay in the background, but for some odd reason it showed the step before your last, so I just have it displaying the map instead.

I am working on having multiple characters, although it hasnt gotten too much progress. My focus is going into this area the most. I guess that's all, I just wanted to give you a small update to keep you going :P

Game Progress:
Map Mechanics - 65%
Movement Phase - 95%
Attacking Phase - 85%
Character Visuals - 96%
Multiple Characters - 15%

Progress to a beta - 60%

Also, if anyone has heard of the "Lua Player Pro" ( which is just a better version of luaplayer PSP ) I am considering changing some of my code to use LPP when it comes out of beta.

- Dman49


hey nice job there, maybe have a box or somekind behind the action menu ;)

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How about survival mode?

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