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Quick update this week on progress regarding update 3.4 and highlights of 3.3

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Hey guys!

Just letting everyone in on what we are doing with Desolation: Earth this week. July has been an interesting month, being the month that we released Desolation: Earth is the same week we also started noticing bugs that slip past internal beta testing. With that in mind, we created an auto patcher for beta 3. Instead of having to go to the site for a download link every time you run the patcher it will tell you if a new update is available. It will download the latest patch right there for you. Version 3.3 also comes with numerous bug fixed that we caught up on.

Following up with 3.3 we figured we would give you a sneak peek at 3.4 which will include yet again, more bug fixes. We also plan on implementing a launcher for beta 3. This will allow setting to be changed, like graphics ect. We also plan to include patch notes so you can see what has been fixed and what has been confirmed as a problem.

Lastly, Dark Form has been having a shady week, by shady, we mean shaders. We posted two new pictures of a new water shader we are adding. It’s still a W.I.P and most likely will be adding/fixing some stuff with it. We plan on adding even more pictures as we finish up the heads up display that will appear in the single player. We also plan on doing another video, showing off the AI we have been working on, as well as showcasing the graphic enhancements Desolation: Earth has undergone. You can check out Desolation: Earth at or visit our facebook.


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