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Showing off maps as well as critical hits, new character pictures, browser system, and coded mechanics for maps.

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Hey all, Dman49 here bringing you update 3. There are some awesome new features I have added that are nice steps closer to the beta.

Update 3 pictures
Update 3 pictures

I now have a browser system that lets you choose your player and your oposing player, as well as the map you will be playing on. Speaking of maps: you will notice there are no more blank grids! I have now made 3 fully functional maps that are codded with collision as well! I have made the character and map system in such a way that you can submit your own characters and maps to use in the game.

Update 3 pictures
"Military Base"
Update 3 pictures
"Aircraft Carrier"
Update 3 pictures
"War Torn City"

I have also have begun codding hindering terrain (terrain you may move onto, but effects attacks and movement) that will stop your movement when you enter into it.

Update 3 pictures
(Player stops when entering hindering)

Moving your player will now change the direction he is facing, something that has been bothering me :P, and I have also updated the character pictures.

Things to come:
For the beta I want to have the maps fully functional: including terrain and walls blocking sights, and possibly elevated terrain.I will also be starting to work on multiple character teams, which is mostly my main priority.

Game Progress:
Interchangable Characters - 100%
Map visuals - 100%
Map mechanics - 55%
Movement Phase - 95%
Attacking Phase - 85%
Clicks/Stat Changes - 100%
Character Visuals - 95%

Ok that's all for today, thanks for taking a look!


this looks pretty tight

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