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The mod is almost completed, and i've got some news for you all!

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Well, we're almost there folks. Can't say i'm a professional, or i'm a wizard, but it's almost here, and i thank you all for your support.

What to expect?

Some solid gameplay, that will involve shooting, running, thinking, and, maybe living? (Haha) Well, you're gonna have a tough time, i'll guarantee you that. As for the story department, i've aimed for a more half-life esque style, and hopefully, all you nerds will patch it together for me! Expect documents, and Big Brother (Radio Guy) on day 1, as for tapes and terminal videos, i will include them in a later update due to some delays, and, uh, among other things. If you're hoping for some graphical overhaul, then seek someplace else. At times, i think the mod suffers for it, but, who will i be to judge?

Other News!

Dai Morris has just released a new childrens book! It's better then most of the lot we have now if i'm honest! Go ahead and buy it for your kids!

His Youtube:

Amazon Page:

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