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I come to you with a few more things added, bringing the game closer to completion and a BETA!

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Hello there, It's Dman49 again!

Today I have some new mechanics for HeroClix PSP that I have been working on the past couple of days.

I have coded the ability to switch out different characters of your choosing, just by adding a few pictures and a text file. The game will now take the information (containing the different stats of the player) from the file and teathering it to player 1 or 2 (which ever one you set it up as). I am going to be working on code to let you interchange them before you start your game.

Some new features

Again I have not included a map because I felt the one I had tried did not do the game any justice, so you're just going to have to look at a white grid for this one :P . As you can see I have added Green Arrow and Batman visuals (which I have actually made myself); it's much better than looking at two splotches! There is also a small problem with the re-sizing of the pictures as well: I need to keep all of the characters contents inside the square he's in, so unfortunately he is small :| . I plan to fix this having the base cover the square and allowing any other part free.

Some new features

I knew that you would need to see the dice on the screen and not just a number, so I added this little feature! The two dice are actually seperately rolled and displayed on the screen to give authentic rolls.

And the most important update of today..............

Some new features

Some new features

THE CLICKS!!! What is heroclix without them? I have now added the ability to damage players, changing their stats in-game! Since this is the whole basis of the game, this is pretty important!! When you attack a player successfully, according to your damage value, their stats will change clicks/values as you can see from the before and after pictures above (sorry for the bad quality).

Well that seems to be all I have done since the last update, but keep a lookout for more coming soon.

In terms of a beta or alpha, I am setting these requirements for myself:
- there must be at least a 2 on 2 setting coded
- at least 1 map must be codded with game effecting terrain (ie walls & bushes)
- some code needs to be cleaned up / bugs fixed

After I finish those aspects you can expect an alpha release ready soon after. At the moment I would like to ask if anyone wants to help with the visuals, mostly getting above view and profile pictures of different characters, and also writing their stats into text files. Message me if you are interrested.

Game Progress:
Interchangable Characters - 99%
Map visuals - 90%
Map mechanics - 05%
Movement Phase - 80%
Attacking Phase - 80%
Clicks/stat changes - 95%
Character Visuals - 75%

Alright, see you next time

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