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Hello! It's time for a new update. There aren't much visual changes that you can see, but a lot of work is done! Let's list all changes:

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Hello, it's time for a new update! There aren't much "visual" changes that you can see, but there are a lot of coding work done!

Let's list all changes:

1. Game menu
Main menu #2 (Settings)

It looks very simple, but it required a lot of time to make everything work in the menu! Now you can access game settings, all buttons work there. All settings are saved to an external config file. Menu colors are now random every time you start the game!

2. Game engine
Early gameplay screenshot

As I have said before, there is no visual changes in engine this time. But it has became really powerful! I have also fixed A LOT of bugs and improved performance. I'm currently adding new game content and gameplay features now. Stay tuned for a couple of interesting things coming soon!
I have also finished level loading system. It's now very easy to create new levels without touching game code.

3. Multiplayer mode!
Multiplayer game #2

I have finally started to work on multiplayer part of the game! It's experimental yet, but multiplayer is going to be very funny! In the future I will add different multiplayer game modes. Server owner will be able to set up gameplay settings, etc.

Sorry, but there is no video of today's update. But I promise a video after finishing first playable version of multiplayer mode.

Thanks for reading!


Looks cool :) - Tracking...

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awesome concept, and your working hard for it it, even better.

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Das Überleben is great fun; Online multiplayer would be a neat addition!
Also, a level editor sounds absolutely fantastic!

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