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The May update has finally arrived! Lots of new content, improved sounds and music, improved gameplay, Easter eggs and much more.

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A lot of people asked us why are we releasing the quest in Early Access. What could be improved in a quest game? Will you listen to the player’s opinions? Nobody does this. Why? Here’s our answer: that's why.

For the last two months we’ve been receiving a very useful feedback. Our players’ criticism and praise allowed us to see better the weaknesses and strengths of our game.

We have already applied a lot of recommendations and wishes to the game. They improved the gameplay and increased the immersion in the game’s world.
Now we can say with confidence: we boldly raise the bar of our game!
So, here is the list of changes and improvements that we make with this update.

Improved content:

  • professional mastering of all the game’s music;
  • new forest background sound;
  • new animations for the cat and improved solutions for the quest with the cat.

New content:

  • TWO additional mini-quests that will immerse you in Leah and her grandfather’s story (this won’t affect the walkthrough of the game and is not required for further playing);
  • added more than 600 new phrases and reactions for Leah (for exploring the environment and using items);
  • added dialogs for Grandma and Corsak containing small tips. Now new dialogues will appear for the characters with the game’s progress;
  • added new quest entries for the diary (associated with the chest and raspberries).

Gameplay improvements:

  • improved cursors;
  • added arrows for the transition areas and dialog indicators (for the active prompt mode);
  • added arrows in the diary and books (to indicate the available pages);
  • double clicking anywhere on the screen will speed up Leah (not only when moving to another location, as it was before);
  • added the ability to customize the button for interrupting phrases (by default it’s the right mouse button); no more randomly missed phrases;
  • found the usage for all items in the game;
  • added a button to enable/disable mouse capture in the game window (F11);
  • improved dialogues (more convenient navigation, indication of new and already read dialogs, new positioning);
  • added the ability to save the found photos in the diary.

Attention! The game underwent many changes and improvements. Old saves won’t be compatible with the new version. We strongly recommend starting a NEW GAME.

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