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We reach the 100s patchs!, we really happy to release the Friend List feature at this point, enjoy!

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NPCs critical chance increased 60 to 100(Reduces the critical probabilty)

Moisu´s shop changes:

• Diamond Necklace is retired from shop

• Miner´s Helmet price is reduced from 600 to 300

New Miner Junk shop for Tino in Cave of Gea

New Christmas Bow by limited time

Changed the Iron Sword icon

Player blocks was removed

Shop buttons was translated

Mentor Gumby sprite was changed

The enemies cannot use spells while attacking anymore

Cuica changes:

• Basic attacks was removed

• Abilitie range increased from 3 to 5

Friend list system added(Press F to open the buddies interface)

Range reduction from 6 to 5 to Heavy arrow


FIX: The equipment icon of helmet was a wrong icon

FIX: Cape appear over the player sprite on equipment

Multiple Drill glitch has been fixed

Fast Walk glitch has been fixed

Fast Loot glitch has been fixed

FIX: Player can talk to NPC while open a shop

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