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Star Wars Galaxies 2.0's Starting Zone Map is almost finished,and we would like to introduce to some basic story elemenst and clear up some mysteries...

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Starting Zone Story ( NOT final)

Era : Before Phantom Menace

Planet : Tatooine

Region : Outer Desert

Story :

The Sith Lords Have long been instinct,and The Republic is Finally at Peace.But,Tensions are Building Up

Between The Trade Federation and The Republic Senat Over Taxations of Trade Routes.

Jedi Class : The Trade Federation has landed a Scouting Droid Ship In Tatooine, and is looking to gain Control over some scouting Areas. You Must stop The Droids from ever arriving.

Sith Class : Master Sidious has contacted you for an inportant mission.He, along with the Trade Federation, are looking to overthrow the Naboo Queen. To gain more territory,A ship has been sent to scout and capture Tatooine Territory.But, The Jedi Order has been reported arriving and may enter in conflict with the Operation.You must make sure The Droids finish scouting and capture the scouting area.

Additional General Game Infos:

Races : To make it more simple,we unfortenately decided not to import and integrate fully scripted

Jedi and Sith Races.Instead,we will focus on Transforming Warrior and Rogue Classes into Jedi and Sith.

Overall Story : The Story Era will mainly focus on the Original Trilogy Era.Although at the start we will

briefly go through prequel storyline,to make it more logical.

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