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My first update outlining my plans and showing some current progress.

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This is my first update for my game. I first want to say what I will be will be doing:

HeroClix PSP is a PSP adaptation of the comicbook miniatures game HeroClix. This game is a 1 man project coded in LUA, by me (Dman49).

With that being said I will state right now that I plan to make it a pass and play multiplayer game, with the abilities to add your own character/peices as well as maps.

Here are some pictures showing my current progress:

Screen shot 1
(Screen Shot 1)

Screen shot 2
(Screen Shot 2)

Screen shot 3
(Screen Shot 3)

As you can see here there is not too much in terms of visuals, but for the sake of this update I took out the Heroclix map so that you may see the text clearly. The cursor will be used to select characters to move/attack and look at info. (Screen Shot 3) When you scroll over a character, it will imidiately display his name and (at the moment only some of) his attributes.

(Screen Shot 2) After you have finished moving a character, it will ask you if you are sure to place him there. If you say yes, the attacking phase begins; if no, it brings you back to where your character started so you may move again.

At the moment I have a working turn based system with two players(/characters), and will be finishing the attacking mechanics soon.

Notes for the future:
- I will try to impliment most extra powers (colours on values on the piece) but I can't promise all of them will be in here. I am only 1 man :P
- At the moment only pass&play multiplayer is supported, AI will most likely not happen due to LUA limitations, but I will be looking into ADHOC play
- My hope is to be able to have a trading system between PSP's for characters and maps, assuming I get ADHOC working

And on a final note I want to assure you that the visuals will be well updated with real HeroClix maps; as well as actual above pictures of the characters for in-game pieces. Also, look forward to frequent betas, because I have waited long before on other games to release betas with very scarce downloads uploaded :(

Thanks a lot, I hope you stay with me on this one!


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