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The main servers updated to 0.7.16 version. If you still do not have access to the game, you can purchase it on our website.

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New in 0.7.16

Added hack-tracking system.
Several players were banned for hacking.
Added musical theme of agriculture.
Added drawbridge. It serves as an additional protection for the brick barbican.
Planted and watered tree graphics updated.
Wild carrot graphics updated.
Now you can make the skull, ropes and handles.
The piles of skulls and skull on a stick added to the decorations.
Added the ability to decorate the walls with tapestries.
Assembled flax can now be stacked in bundles to dry.
The dried flax can be treated to produce fiber.
The fibers should be used at the spinning wheel to get the threads.
The threads turns to cloth by loom.
Added flax break, spinning wheel and loom.
We started drawing icons at the items in the inventory, released the first portion.
Added graphics for grass and flax.
Leather armor graphics objects updated.


Fixed checking the placement of iron grate and drawbridge on the border of the claim.
Fixed flight arrows and causing damage through the drawbridge.
Number of eggs reduced in recipe of cement.
Flax stack and textile constructions moved in a separate list.
Decorative constructions moved in a separate list.
Flax seeds can now be obtained only by collecting the dried flax.


Liked update, new images of icons and paintings on the walls. It is waiting for new updates. Good luck in the game.

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Thanks for the update. Beautiful new paintings for the walls.

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StrategJuvty Author

Thank you, guys

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