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Another progress report (need to make more of these more frequently)

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As I said in my previous update I would have had level 1 complete but unfortunately the file I was working on got corrupted and I lost the file and had to go back to a previous file which didn't have much on it. The recent 6 photos I put up is the current progress I have made so I am basically now where I was when the file corrupted. I have made better precautions and made 4 backups with each one getting updated so if this happened again I won't be as far back.

I have almost completed the basic layout of the shopping centre and I have started adding some detail into that area. Sinc the shopping centre area is quite short I am going to make multiple ways (probably 2 or 3) that the survivors can get to the safe house so that when replaying the level you can choose a different route and have a different experience. Each route has a different panic event e.g. In one route the survivors will find themselves in an office environment and will fight hordes in a confined area. In another route the survivors will be in an open space but zombies will be coming from different directions.

I haven't made as much progress as I hoped as I have been psending most of my time time looking for a job. Hopefully this will be sorted soon. Anyway thanks for your support.

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oh man that sucks.

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Almost completed the office route. I'm considering making its crescendo event similar to a car alarm just you gotta set it off to get through the obstacle and its just down to a mad dash to the safe house. The outdoor crescendo will prob be a something like the elevator in No Mercy where you got to wait and fight before you can progress. Thought about this since one is longer and the other is much shorter but the longer route means you got to fight your way more but don't have a bad panic event but the short route will have a big showdown at the end.

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