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So this update will be different as I can't show things in game, as I am trying to fix a game breaking bug.

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Update 0.2.4

So this update is very late, but that is because of a bug. This bug has prevented me from uploading new updates as I couldn't progress on the mod. However, before the bug arrived I had made some more progress, and I have decided to share that progress in this update article. I also want people to see that no, the mod isn't dead.


So I was well into completing the infantry tech tree, and then the bug arrived. I can't show you a tech tree screen shots, however I can show you the techs on that tree as well as their stats. The GFX's are Pixel art because I wanted to show of the tech tree but not spend ages making GFX, but I never even got to show the tech tree off anyway!

Pipe Pistol (I seem to have lost the GFX for this one):

The pipe pistol is the starting weapon tech that all factions begin with. It downside is that it can't deal much damage however they are very cheap to make.

Soft attack = 1 Hard attack = 0 Air = 0 Defence = 15 Breakthrough = 1 Piercing = 1 Reliability = 80% Production Cost = 0.2

Bullets and Laser branch

When you research the Pipe Pistol you will then get two options, the laser rifle or the pipe bolt action. You can only choose one, and that will set you down a specific tree. The laser tree deals more damage, but the weapons cost a lot to produce and to research. The bullets tree is cheaper to build and research, however they deal much less damage than laser. You can still use laser rifles or bullet even if you haven't researched them, as you can take them from other factions when you conquer them. Now onto the weapons themselves.


Pipe Rifle

Pipe Rifle


Soft attack = 5 Hard attack = 1.5 Air = 3 Defence = 25 Breakthrough = 3 Piercing = 5 Reliability = 80% Production Cost = 0.3

Laser Rifle

Wazer Wifle


Soft attack = 10 Hard attack = 3 Air = 9 Defence = 35 Breakthrough = 5 Piercing = 11 Reliability = 70% Production Cost = 1.2

Automatic Rifles:

Assault Rifle
Assault Rifle

Soft attack = 13 Hard attack = 4 Air = 11 Defence = 38 Breakthrough = 6 Piercing = 15 Reliability = 80% Production Cost = 0.4

Automatic Laser Rifle

Automatic Wazer Wifle

Soft attack = 20 Hard attack = 6 Air = 18 Defence = 46 Breakthrough = 10 Piercing = 20 Reliability = 70% Production Cost = 2

Heavy Weapons:

Heavy Machine Gun

Big Lad

Soft attack = 30 Hard attack = 15 Air = 25 Defence = 55 Breakthrough = 15 Piercing = 25 Reliability = 80% Production Cost = 0.7

Gatling Laser

I canny be arsed naming all these

Soft attack = 1 Hard attack = 0 Air = 0 Defence = 15 Breakthrough = 1 Piercing = 1 Reliability = 80% Production Cost = 0.2

That is all I will show of the tech tree for now, as the rest is just minor boosts like support equipment, Brahmin and other stuff.

New Faction:

New Vegas (Mr House):

Unique Events:

New Vegas is ruled by Mr House, and takes up a 1 province state inside the Hoover Dam state. When the NCR demands the dam from the Legion, New Vegas can take a side in the conflict (if a conflict breaks out) or remain neutral.

Whoever controls the dam will gain claims on New Vegas, and could attempt to take it over or become a puppet. If you sided in a faction in the fight for Hoover Dam, and that faction lost, they will come to your aid.

National Focuses:

The House Always Wins:

Consumer Goods -10%


I don't want to give to much away on the faction, however they are based in Germany and will have some unique bonuses. They use the U-Bahn system in Germany (underground railway) to connect their settlements together, and have done well in building up civilization. They are one of the strongest factions, and one of the largest.

The idea for this faction comes from a user named ~Tsar~, and when I read the comment I loved the idea.


So that is all for the updates so far, once again i'm sorry for the delays but i'm a one man team so this stuff happens.


LEOX2K - - 441 comments

this seems to become an interesting and stunning mod, keep up

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AtomicCommunist - - 1 comments

why not have a british based faction called the beefeaters. they're guards dressed in red. they would be technologically inferior but start of with a large amount of troops, to make up for it. you could all so have a fracture uk, multiple factions, some at war with each other, some allies.

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