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Last week saw the release of Update 0.131 which added the very beginning of the Nations system. A new trailer has been uploaded and a 4 pack through Humble Store has been released.

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New Trailer

Recently I finished editing a brand new trailer for Sky Nations which replaced the very unpolished and outdated previous one. With a lot of the footage taken with the community which was a really fun experience. You can check it out below:

Update 0.131

Update 0.131 was just over a week ago. It added a brand new launcher making the process of installing and updating the game much easier. The previous launcher had a lot of issues which have been worked out with the new one. It will patch individual files without the need for major version changes it is also now the first stop when launching the game to totally ensure the client is up to date. This has made deploying small patches to fix bugs on the client much easier for both user and developer which is great! It also installs the required runtimes should you not have them already which was the source of many a support email.

A very early start to Nations also came a long in this update. Players can now have a more official way to group together and have a hierarchy of leadership through the Nation system. Your allegiance is shown through your Name tag that appears above you when players are close making it easy to identify different teams. This is the very start of Nations and only includes functionality to group together. In the future a lot of game mechanics will tie into this and you'll be able to do a lot more in the Nations menu(Press K by default to open it).

All materials received a weight value which has been a pretty significant change to how people build ships. Many materials with high defense such as Stone are now very heavy, requiring larger amounts of thrust in order to move ships. This will help balance out ideal materials for building on-land bases and ships. Since metals are still strong but also weigh much less than their rock based counter parts, they've become a more useful build large fast ships than they were previously.

Ships with all their thruster's disabled(Right click a thruster in order to toggle it on and off) will now no longer show on Radar. This makes parked ships much harder to find and has been a change the community has been asking for a long time. Which should greatly increase your chances of both escaping and hiding as a skilled pilot.

The last major change has been that ladders and general player movement has been considerably improved with the problem of getting stuck on objects, shaking and being rotated away from control panels all fixed. These issues were due to limitations with how the game previously handled player positions which have all been resolved by porting a math library and increasing its precision for use with Sky Nations. Making normal movement feel much nicer and fixing issues people were having with ladders.

There were a lot of small additional changes and fixes in the update which I haven't list above but you can find in the change log here.

4 Pack

You now purchase 4 copies of Sky Nations with a 25% price reduction. Allowing you to purchase the game with and for friends. Buying the 4 pack will give you the extra keys to share with your friends through the Humble store. I have received quite a few emails about a 4 person pack over the last month or so I am glad I can finally get one out! You can check it out on the buy page of the Sky Nations website.



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