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Things concerning about the next verision of dot dodger.

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The upcoming 0.5 is planned to have some of the technical bugs of 0.4 to be fixed. Player's won't notice the bugs as they're purely on how the scripting was done. With the fixes I hope to change the details of the particle effects of each event. I hope I don't slow down the game by convoluted scripts.

Getting into details I've also decided 2 more events are in order to be included. These are ‘Slow Dot' and ‘Spawn'. Slow Dot will slow down all dots leaving the player to zoom around them. Point counter does not slow down. It will last for five seconds. Spawn will summon five more yellow/blue/red dots or will spawn 3 green dots. These extra dots are permanent for the round.

Apart from the bug fixes, particle improvements and new events I'll try to work on getting a better HighScore. Thinking about how to script a presentable Highscore table makes my head spin. I might not even try, but thanks for the suggestion Half_Kill.

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