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After over 2 months of delays, the patch is finally wrapping up (thank God!).

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After life took a few twists and turns, some medical things came up, and other fun things forming a massive fuster cluck of fun, I'm nearly finished coding the new patch for Operation Avalanche! Some new features include:

-Infantry will now reveal other infantry in a radius just beyond their sight radius, reflecting the discovery of enemy troops before actual combat. Snipers and ambush infantry such as Stormtroopers, the Combat Team, Fallshirmjagers, and others are NOT detected.
-Scouting units are now more important than ever. In a huge radius, they will also reveal tanks and infantry (the same rules for camoing units apply as to the above ability), meaning that while you may not be able to open fire on enemy troops, you'll know they're there!
-Tanks will now dismount tank 'crews' when destroyed; commonly armed with a mix of pistols, LMGs, and SMGs, these troops offer superior firepower, but have no ability to capture points, repair, or or otherwise affect a battle. (note that this is bugged, after purchasing any upgrade, these crews will disembark--simply choose to re-garrison them in a tank, and they'll be fine. This is open to abuse, however, with 'free infantry' being available to players considering themselves to be savvy and purchasing upgrades without re-garrisoning their tanks--to combat this, as mentioned, crews can only kill other units--no capping, repairing, etc!).
-A new set of criticals means that main guns and treads are far more likely to be destroyed! Tank combat almost never saw armored units limp away unscathed (without engine etc damage) as is seen in vCoH!
-New skins!!! With credit pending, there is a plethera of new skins for everything from the Combat Team, to Pioneers, to the fearsome Tiger Tank, and even the Hetzer!
-New 'units'! While they are copies (for the most part) and identical to their counterparts, some small statistical changes set them apart. Each doctrine contains new units specific to their historical combat unit (approaching, but not copying, the system used by Normany 44 mod) These new units, include:
(Airborne Company [504th Parachute Infantry Regiment ]): AB Riflemen, MG Teams, Mortars, Snipers, Officers, 57mms, 37mms.
(Armored Company [751st Tank Battalion (Medium)]: Riflemen, recon troops.
(Scorched Earth [26ª Monte Div. 'Assietta'/29º Fanteria Reg.]): Semovente 90/53, Semovente 75/18, Autoblinda 41.
(Luftwaffe [FS-Pz-Div. 1. Hermann Göring/FS-Pz Reg. 1]): HGD (acryonym for the Goring Division) Fallshirmpanzergrenadiere, HGD PE Infantry Halftracks, HGD Scout Cars, new Fallshirmjager paradrop unit(s).
(Tank Hunters [653.Schweres-Heer Panzerjäger Abeilung]): Elefant (re-introduced), original PE unit sets and skins for the most part.
-New Doctrines!: While not 'new', each doctrine's text has been updated, giving a glimpse of what is hopefully in store. All good things to those who wait.
-General balances: Balancing has been looked at with a high powered microscope, so to speak, and bughunting has been extensive! Anything that has been missed, please report it!
-Projectiles for small arms have now been implimented! No longer will there be annoying tracers, or no tracers at all, but bullets (with their velocity painstakingly calculated for Relic's 1/5th scale used in Company of Heroes) have been given to most every small arm, from the Colt .45, to the new Roth-Steyr M1907, up to the LMG42! The change is purely visual; though it was tested, using ballistics for small arms ruined balance as non-"homing" Company of Heroes projectiles/bullets don't adhere to accuracy values, they rely on scatter (hence Recoilless Rifles in vCoH being able to hit units through smoke with ease, even while having mediocre accuracy. This is also why they're good at attacking ground and for destroying HMG42s and PaKs rather than trying to kill the crew! Even if you set the RR's accuracy to 0, it would still be just as accurate).

Please bear with me, I don't have a definate release date ready! Just know that the patch will finally be released in the near future!

Referances for historical accuracy, unit tables, etc: - For new Italain hand grenades - Polish units replacing the Royal Canadian Artillery Doctrine - How the Infantry Company was re-organized - How the American faction was re-organized - Source for the new Tank Hunters unit layout, text, and unit information.

Check out this guy's channel! It's a must see for any hardcore WWII geek!!! - How Machine Guns of all types were re-balanced. - How the BAR, LMG42, and other LMGs were re-balanced. - How new shotguns including the Browning Auto-5, M12, and M1897 Trenchgun were re-balanced. Youtube search and watch the series 'Lock n' Load with R. Lee Ermy' to see how SOME, not all, weapons' capacity (number of shots) and employment (in some instances) were re-balanced.

Anyone with any significant sources that could help with historical accuracy is welcome to post them in the comments! Please don't offer "I think", "I heard", or "That's dumb" commets; after doing much of this research I feel that there is little to dispute--also, the patch isn't yet out, so there's nothing to critique yet.


Thank you for getting this updated(well almost) I have been waiting for this for a while.

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Roth-Steyr M1907? I know what it is but what is an Austrian sidearm doing in italy? *edit* just read up some more and turns out they were given to Italy as war reparations.

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Volsky Author

-pats on head- Good lad :P

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