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A summary of the features for the upcoming preview release of Wyv and Keep: The Temple of the Lost Idol!

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Hey all!

We're drawing close to having our public preview out and I wanted to give you all an idea of what to expect in this first playtest of the game. Obviously being a "preview" means that not all of the features of the game will be fully functional, but this will be a solid opportunity to play with the game mechanics and first enter the world of Amazonia with our characters.

  • This demonstration is a 5 level, 2 template sampler of the game. The levels are unique for the preview, so the full game won't be reusing puzzle elements. They range from pretty easy to quite difficult. The full game actually starts much easier, but ends up much, much more difficult.
  • It will include local 2 player co-op, as well as the ability to swap between characters for a single player experience. Online play is planned in the future.
  • Music and sound effects will be fully integrated at this time, but probably will be tweaked a bit before the final release, as the sound in particular is new to the game.
  • There is the ability to keep personal high-scores and bests within the preview as the scoring system is in place (though, it too may change in final appearance), but there won't be an option to post highscores and compete (yet!).
  • The preview contains 5 of the nearly 20 traps and obstacles from the final game. It's a good place to experiment and familiarize yourself with what to expect (though there are sure to be plenty of surprises!)
  • Concludes with several unreleased screenshots of the final game, a description of features that are planned and the ability to sign up for more information.

We are also considering giving interested players a pre-order system that would give access to the map-editor as well as frequent build updates. These could include new templates, new traps or even new modes of play! We're expecting to release the demo in the next week or two, so keep an eye out on the page for your chance to test things out!

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