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GAZORNONPLAT discusses his recent work on new features, as well as the brand new way we plan to bring updates to you...

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We've been quiet for about two weeks now, mostly due to the fact that myself and two other team members have had big exams to focus on which only just finished. Even under the ever watchful and controlling eye of my parents I was able to sneak back and fourth to the computer a number of times to work on the game, but it wasn't enough to keep momentum as high as it had been. To compensate for this, I'm currently working my ass off to add features and polish up code for the next big public release, and the result is already very noticeable. I'm, very happy with what I've accomplished in just a few days, and the game is shaping up more than ever to be the kind of game I've always wanted to make.

Which brings me to my next topic; open development. As a gamer and a developer, I can say without any doubt whatsoever that this is a good thing, gamers know what gamers want, and anyone who says otherwise is a fool, but publishing frequent news articles and constantly releasing minor updates is cumbersome, and (as a number of you have pointed out) is slowing us down. For this reason, I've added a new feature to our IndieDB page. As of now, you can click the button marked "Download Our To-Do List" on our summary page to view (or indeed download) a very recent list of the features we currently have planned, with a line through those we have already implemented. Thanks to the magic of Dropbox and agile development, this list is updated in real time, so the second we polish off a feature or set our sights on a new one, you know. This doesn't mean to say that we won't be publishing news articles or adding public builds, but they will be less frequent, and consequently will be of higher quality.

Finally, your reward. If you are an avid enough fan to have braved my wall of text, then you deserve to watch the following video, showing off just a couple of the new features I've been slaving away in my room to bring to you. Enjoy, and as usual, all feedback is greatly appreciated. Hugs, kisses and kudos to all of you. :)

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