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DLC for the game will be arriving soon featuring various mapping upgrades, a few tweaks and minor bug fixes, in addition to a new dungeon and much more!

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We are officially announcing DLC for Chronicles of a Dark Lord: Episode 1 Tides of Fate that is titled "Nightmare". Featuring many mapping and graphical tweaks/slight upgrades, in addition to some minor bug fixes what this DLC really focuses on is exploring in greater depth one of the major twists of the story, and how the Dark Lord deals with it. The DLC will have a new dungeon, and more side-quests as well.

For those that have already purchased the game, you will be receiving the DLC for free as an upgrade. On release day, you will be prompted by Desura to download the latest build which will contain the DLC and various fixes. For those that have not purchased the game yet, we will be packaging the main game and the Nightmare DLC together as one build, so that you will receive all the benefits of the DLC without having to pay separately for it.

We expect for the DLC to be completed and ready by January 31st, if not earlier.


What about those of us who have it "DRM" free? I bought my copy off amazon. Do i need to buy a second copy, or will there be an update/patch option for us? Thanks for the great game and can't wait for part 2.

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For those of you that have bought the game from Amazon and other distributors we are working with them to see about having it be an update/patch option like it will be for Desura. If a particular distributor is unable to do it that way, we will have to package the DLC on its own and folks will have to purchase it. We are hoping to have it just be an update/patch option across the board. Thank you, and we're all looking forward to Episode 2's release sometime early 2014.

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