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Upcoming 17th of September there will be a DEMO release with the sole purpose of testing the game with (hopefully) more than 10 players. The DEMO will NOT be updated, instead we choose to adjust the game based on DEMO experiences for the next full alpha release. This is a teaser more or less.

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Command and Conquer: Tiberium Crystal War ONLINE DEMO

The demo is obviously not the final product, not even a full alpha version.
We did setup most characters and vehicles based on C&C 3 Tiberium Wars and this
requires some full scale testing and hence we decided to release an ONLINE DEMO.

The online demo includes a dozen GDI Vehicles from CNC3, The Raider Buggy from CNC3
for Nod.
The Buildings currently ingame are the GDI Barracks, GDI War Factory, GDI Power Plant,
GDI Refinery, Nod Hand of Nod, Nod War Factory, Nod Power Plant, Nod Refinery and of
course the Tiberium Spike which can actually be captured for money flow.

Furthermore there is a Commando, Zonetrooper and Saboteur character ingame. The others
are still in development. We are using the Renegade models in the DEMO mostly.
Have no fear: They will appear... as soon as possible.

This DEMO will NOT BE UPDATED in the future, it is a demo and the next release will
have a heap shitload of content more than the demo has. Maybe even a full alpha version.

Open the TCW_DEMO.rar with for example Winrar and extract the folder called
Tiberium Crystal War DEMO anywhere on your harddrive.

Open the program TCW_IP.exe and enter the path to your Tiberium Crystal War DEMO's
game.exe location. Enter the following details for the server to connect to:

The server is running 24/7 and can handle 50 players. The IRC Channel can be found
on #mp-tcw where you can !msg and !gi etc.

DO NOT install into your existing Renegade installation.

Feel free to register on and participate on the forums
specifically for Tiberium Crystal War :)

PS: The DEMO is only to see how the game turns out to play and based on the experience
we will adjust settings and things.

Have fun,

Greetz the Tiberium Crystal War developers

Нunter-Seeker - - 1,373 comments

Nice, Zunnie. I hope everyone will like this!


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unclekulikov - - 41 comments

Excellent. I'll be all over this.

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