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With the upcoming released of the leadwerks game player and a few thoughts I had the last few days, I got a bunch of things I would like to announce.

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Leadwerks Game Player
If you don't know, the Leadwerks Game Player is a free software that you can install on your computer through steam that will contain a giant library of Leadwerks made games, "A Demon's Game" is not on said library....yet. The game player comes out on the 24th of August, and I've been hard at work on the game these past few days so I can get a good, well grounded demo in there. Better than anything you've played thus far. So if things go according to plan, you should be looking at a 15-30 minute demo where you'll be able to see all the improvements to the game.So yea, NEW DEMO COMES OUT 24TH OF AUGUST.


When you create a game, you're constantly thinking on new things to implement, how to make it better, scarier, more believable, unique. That's why I've came up with a few things that might be of interest, you remember that whole mumbo jumbo of the multiple endings? Yea, that's happening for sure. I made it so that specific things you do in the game impact your playthrough dramatically, you now can choose between killing a demon, or letting it live. It's an easy choice that will bring forth a lot of changes, there's 4 demons in the game, right there we're looking at 4 possible endings already, I've written all of this down. There's over 80 pages of material for the game, story, decisions and level ideas, that's a lot of pages for a "little" indie horror game.

Sometimes people ask me if you're going to have weapons in the game at all, well, every monster has a weakness right? So technically you will have "weapons", not actual weapons like guns and swords but more convenient weapons. So yea, "weapons" confirmed.

The topic of exploration has been commented on a bit lately, "what will I get if I explore", the answer to that question is simple, you're going to find lore if you explore, you're going to find useful items if you explore, you're going to crap your pants if you explore. I'm warning you all right now, if you don't like reading, this isn't the game for you, the game will contain very little voice acting and a lot of material to go through, if you really want to know 100% what's happening in the game, you will have to read, and by reading, I don't mean actual reading, sure, there's a lot of that too, but the enviroment creates the story, the sewers for example, have so many clues and hints as to what happened that when you read that note and look at the room you're in, it will all make sense.

Thank you very much for reading, hope you like where I'm going with this.


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